Chapter 10 - Pipe Racks

  1. The main arterial system of a process plant is the pipe-rack, which consists of an overhead structure supporting the process pipes which are connecting equipment, and the lines entering and leaving a unit. Utility lines, supplying steam, water, air, gas to process equipment are also on the rack as are relief valve headers, instrument lines and electrical cables.
  2. Prior to commencing a pipe-rack layout, the following information must be at hand: P&ID, Plot Plan, Specifications.
  3. A pipe-rack consists of steel columns which support a beam or beams (in the case of a multi level rack). The pipes sit on top of the beam(s). This arrangement (columns plus beam(s) is called a pipe bent.
  4. The distance between pipe bents (columns) is around 20’-0” (6m).

Above is an excerpt from the chapters of the book: Detail Engineering and Layout of Piping Systems 5th Edition.
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