November 2018 Required information to complete stress analysis

Required information to complete stress analysis

Pump type (API/ANSI) etc:

GA Drawing of pump showing support location, nozzle distance from centreline, vendor allowable loads

Temperature info (usually from line list and P&ID)

Material of the pump (usually on the GA and datasheet)

ANSI flange size (150#, 300#, etc - usually on the GA or detailed drawings)

Nozzle movements from equipment zero point (point of zero thermal growth) especially important for high temperature equipment

  • This information is used for both the 3D model and the stress model.

Other types of equipment:

  • Complicated equipment like centrifugal compressors, heaters and reactors require more information from vendors like growth calculations, skin temperatures and layout of piping within the equipment
  • Reciprocating compressors often require acoustic analysis to see how the vibrations of the equipment affect the piping. See API 618 (Section and Annex N).