March 2017 Field Sketching

Although the overall plant design business is still in a major downturn we can expect things to improve over the next year. Now is the time to sharpen your skills because the turnaround will mean that there will be a shortage of pipers and companies will be hiring again.

The Power game is still chugging along especially in the U.S. where they were trying to initiate programs that will reduce carbon emissions but now with the new administration, who knows?

This months’ tip

Field Sketching

These guidelines are given, in order, to make your field sketching easier to read. By maintaining a strict adherence to certain drafting procedures, even when hand sketching in the field, makes the drawing much easier to interpret. If possible, use a straight edge when field sketching unless you have exceptional artistic skills.

  2. In horizontal lines draw flanges vertical.
  3. In vertical lines draw flanges parallel to the nearest horizontal line.
  4. All ells are drawn square cornered, measuring 2 iso. squares.
  5. Isos are not drawn to scale but fittings and valves should be drawn to a certain size.
  6. Draw flanges 2 iso squares for flange diameter and one square for the hub distance on WNF's.
  7. Draw valves 2 iso squares.
  8. Draw tees one square between weld and junction.
  9. Draw reducers one iso square long.
  10. Nozzle flanges to be drawn double lined.
  11. North Arrow to point to top left or top right of page.