April 2015 - Silent Check Valves

It is some time since I wrote a blog and in the duration the piping world has gone for a loop. The main reason is of course oil prices which seem to be dropping by the day.
For the first time in years the piping boom in Alberta seems to have lost steam, however, we have seen this happen a number of times over the last 30 years and things ALWAYS get better. Now is the time to train, learn and be ready for the next boom in a more senior role.

This months’ tips

Silent Check Valves

Water hammer can be a serious problem at swing check valves, and if not eliminated can cause permanent damage to the piping system and equipment. These problems can be eliminated or greatly reduced by replacing the swing check with a silent check valve. Silent check valves do not rely on gravity or fluid flow for their closure. Instead as the forward velocity of the fluid slows, the spring assist on the valve starts to close the disc. By the time the forward velocity has decreased to zero, the valve is already closed.