After piping engineers understand the line flow, satisfy process requirements and know which line requires measures against vibration and thermal stress, in advance, they should arrange lines in detail and plan piping supports.

Nozzle Orientation

As in the case of other rotary machinery, the installation point of each nozzle is automatically fixed from type and constructional viewpoints. Therefore, the manufacturer fixes the nozzle orientation, unless otherwise instructed.

Although the overall plant design business is still in a major downturn we can expect things to improve over the next year. Now is the time to sharpen your skills because the turnaround will mean that there will be a shortage of pipers and companies will be hiring again.

The Power game is still chugging along especially in the U.S. where they were trying to initiate programs that will reduce carbon emissions but now with the new administration, who knows?

Things are as bad in the process piping field as they have been in a long time due to the decline in oil prices. However, the Power and Food Processing businesses are chugging along and there is hope that the oil prices will recover later in the year when the uncertainty of the U.S. political scene will resolve itself.

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